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Built at the 2014 Techcrunch Disrupt Hackathon

1st Place

Esri API Award



Experience and express your ideas in a new way.

vrban allows users to explore virtual environments using the Oculus Rift without any programming experience. Simply upload your 3D environment or model and experience it as if you were there.

Virtual Reality

Visualizing 3D models on a 2D monitor at a fraction of the scale doesn't fully convey the essence of your creations. Virtual reality breathes life into your designs and allows you to experience those intangibles lost in current visualizations: presence, scale, depth, and emotion to name a few.


From city design, to interior design, to scientific visualizations, vrban empowers people to communicate their ideas in a new way. Visualization from a human perspective has never been easier. For instance, using Esri's CityEngine 2D GIS data can be quickly converted to a 3D model and then uploaded to vrban for an immersive urban exploration experience.

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